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We've been repairing computers throughout the Staffordshire area for years. In 2020 we're starting to increase our range of products available for purchase via our online computer shop. All our products are carefully selected to ensure we're offering great quality at extremely competitive prices.

a very small sAMPLE of the computer repairs we offer:

laptop power/dc socket repair

Has your laptop stopped charging? Is the power socket visibly damaged or loose? We have all the right equipment to repair and solder any make/model of laptop DC socket.

hard drive replacement / data recovery

Is your laptop or PC hard drive broken? We can replace any faulty hard drive and attempt data recovery to save your precious files. (We can repair/replace any type of component.)

virus removal

If your computer has been infected by a virus, malware, adware or other software nasties, we're here to help!

laptop screen replacement

Laptop screen replacement with Staffordshire Computers is quick and affordable, we only use the best quality screens.

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